Abaanakashi: Maafi Yampombo (Bemba Proverb), literal translation, “Women are droppings of a duiker.” It means women are as plentiful as duikers’ droppings. Therefore, young men do not grow impatient regarding marriage prospects. Do not despair and commit a crime when you have been rejected by a girl or her family. Thank her for time you spent together. Rejection may be painful, however, with time you will heal. One day, you will look back and wonder why you even cried when she left you.

“Do not worry about finding a wife; they are as plentiful as stars in the sky, sand on the sea shore or leaves on the trees; you will eventually find one.” (P A Bennett).

Remember “Takwaba: icibolya ca bashimbe” (There is no deserted village of unwed people). Be patient. You will soon find your soulmate. It is not a sin to be single.

Young men take note, “Banamune: tabasha mpanga” (“Marriageable young women do not leave the forest,”). Marriageable young women are found everywhere. Thus, do not kill her when she rejects you. Move on. Avoid these stupid covenants. Continue hunting.

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