Violence is the unlawful use or threat of force.

Perceived as the exercise of physical force to inflict injury,

Cause damage to a person’s property.

Yes, the use of force and

The abuse of another person’s fundamental rights.

Political violence is not the same as electoral violence.

Electoral violence, must be understood as a subset of political violence. Electoral violence has several distinct features that differentiate it from other forms of political violence.

Electoral violence differs from other types of political violence

Concerning its timing and intent namely, influencing electoral outcomes.  Unlike electoral violence, coups, rebellions, and repression all take place with no regard for electoral processes.

 Electoral violence is differentiated from political violence by,

The differences in motive, timing, actors and activities.

Electoral violence includes any intimidating or harassing action that is directly related to the electoral process.

Electoral violence includes “…All sorts of riots, demonstrations,

Party clashes, political assassinations looting, arsons, thuggery, kidnapping, before, during and after elections.

Elections motivated crisis employed to alter,

The electoral behaviour of voters or voting patterns or

Possibly reverse the electoral decision in favour of the particular individual, groups or political party.

What a sad way of getting into Power