A rose flower, of course, has the most pleasant fragrance and the best time to enjoy it is in the evening especially when there is a serious breeze. Excellent and superb perfumes are actually extracts of the Rose fragrance, and romantists believe that the flower itself is a magnetic symbol of love in all of its facets.

Men that are naturally shy to propose love to the women of their dreams merely present gifts of rose flowers and the message of their love intentions is luckily transmitted to the suitors of their own choice. Much as the beauty of a rose attract even the least learned colleague, very few even among the romanticists take time to notice what lies behind the beautiful rose flower. Truthfully speaking, the beautiful rose flower that we all cherish is held together by the stem full of thorns.

Why then do people continue plucking roses in bulk as if they get them from smooth plants? Are we sure that those who pluck them are not afraid of thorns? 

The reality of the matters is the fragrance, and the love message that the flower is capable of transmitting is undoubtedly more important and beneficial than the harm and the pain caused by the thorns on the stem of a rose flower. Life is like that, one comes into this world without his or her consent and yet leaves it against his or her will.

People who succeed in this thorn world are only those who centre their focus on the good things that life is able to offer, and these are commonly referred to as optimists. Those who focus on the thorns of life are always negative, and these are frequently referred to as pessimists. They have nothing good to talk about in life. One fact of life is that most of the good things are held together by the stems of bad things. To harness the right things, one has to look beyond the wrong things.

To support the above assertion, we must just agree that the darkest hour is just before dawn and we will definitely be done. This if we accept, we’ll be ready to face the downs of life without remaining down knowing that life is like a bouncing ball, once kicked it will go up but chances of it remaining there are slim. Even when it comes down everyone is sure that it’ll still go up again.

Face the thorns and be courageous enough to go beyond to behold the best. We are all meant to do it but what separates those who succeed from those who fail is merely the courage to face the thorns.