“Money never made a man happy yet, nor will it. The more a man has, the more he wants. Instead of filling a vacuum, it makes one.”

Benjamin Franklin

I could not believe what I was reading. I read through the mail more than once. I could not remember playing any lottery on, but I received a message that I was the winner hence I needed to send a  mail to claim the GBP1, 200,000:00.

A lot of thoughts ran through my mind. How could I have won such a huge sum of money without working for it? I comforted myself that God works in ways we can never understand. Moreover, I had spent some time on Facebook in the past few months. 

I even remembered one of those fun but comforting emails people forward to me that if I forward them to at least 10 people, I will receive a reward within a specified period. I have complied before without expecting much in return, so I thought this was now my turn.

After all ‘everything works for the good for those, who believe in God.’

I sent the mail. After a day I received an email requesting for my personal details. It read in part ‘We advice that you adhere strictly to our procedures to avoid any disqualifications and subsequent cancellation.

1) Your Full names:

2) Your Full home / Office address:

3) Nationality:

4) Direct Land/Mobile Phone:

5) Occupation / Age:

6) Sex:

7) Next of kin:

8)Valid email address:

9)International Passport/ID Card Number:

The above-detailed information will be absolutely necessary for the processing of your pay cheque, drafts or wire transfers. Please note that this winning is valid for Two weeks and failure to issue claims after this period will automatically void your payment. I await your response as soon as possible.

Best Regards

Mr …………………….

Foreign Service Manager

I was now convinced that this was for real. I did not even want to consult anyone. You know over-consulting can make you lose out sometimes because there are people who are generally pessimistic and suspicious of anything that is good. They behave as though they are allergic to comfort. If you happen to make it in life, they will accuse you of witchcraft. They have embraced poverty with a passion and comfort themselves that their riches are in heaven even when they don’t lead a Godly life.

I also remembered one piece of advice that my pastor once gave me ‘never share your dreams with people you are not sure of, remember Joseph shared his dreams with his brothers, and they hated him for that and even sold him, so be careful who you consult and share dreams before they sell you.”

On second thought before sending the details, I thought it was important to consult my wife since I intended to put her as my next of kin. Knowing my wife, I knew she would give me a lot of questions I was not ready to answer. You know educated women would always want to come up with hypotheses, cause and effect to every situation.

So I knew that if I made a mistake of consulting her, I would lose out on the award because by the time I would be through with the consultation the two weeks would have elapsed.

I then sent the details without consulting anyone.

I sat down to do my calculation and what I would do with the money. “GBP1, 200, 000:00 (One Million Two Hundred Thousand Great British Pounds Sterling).”

In a moment I felt like all my problems were gone. I did some mental calculation on how I was going to use the money. I saw myself owning a beautiful mansion, driving a nice car, sending my kids to a nice school, build my dear mum a nice house, I even entertained the ideas of joining politics to be close to those in power, designer clothes for my wife. A lot was going on in my mind as I waited for the response from the Foreign Service Manager.

That week even my loyalty to my boss at work was compromised. You know when you become richer than your boss he exerts very little authority over you.

After one week, I received a mail that required me to send $4000 for processing of my papers and payment procedures. I was a bit suspicious. Why should I pay money to receive an award? I didn’t have the money. The only option was to borrow. There is always someone willing to lend out money even when you have not explained clearly what you want to use it for and how you are going to pay back. I approached a friend to lend me $ 4000. Fortunate enough he gave me the money.

On a Monday, I went to send the money so that I could receive my One Million Two Hundred Thousand British Pounds Sterling.

In the bank, I joined the queue, and my heart was pounding than usual. Fear gripped me. The comfort the money would bring was too much for me to bear.

‘Maybe this is a scam, I thought to myself’, but again I consoled myself that God works in ways we cannot understand.

It was now my turn to deposit the money. Immediately, I woke up thank God it was just a dream. The time was 02:30hrs.

Of late I have received a lot of messages on facebook, email and phone informing me of having won this or that without having participated in any lottery. I just ignore them.

Beware of scams just work stop building castles in the air. Why should you pay money to receive an award?

Scammers know that because of poverty there is always someone willing to make quick money. The tricky part is that they appear genuine. They can trick you not only on enticing to have won a huge sum of money but assets such as vehicles, houses, plots, latest phones, well-paying jobs…….

“It’s good to have money and the things that money can buy, but it’s good, too, to check up once in a while and make sure that you haven’t lost the things that money can’t buy.”

George Lorime

Be on the lookout and let us share how we can avoid being victims.

Think about it.