Man does find in Nature deliverance from himself, oblivion of his past, with peace and purity! George A. Smith

We, human beings have a great longing for peace and serenity acquired from nature. We are unapologetically connected to it. For thousands of years and as long as the human civilisation has been here, all but a few hundred years of urbanisation, we have lived in nature; surrounded by thick trees, on the corners of a river in continuous flux, in the depths of the towering mountains.

Darwis Alwan

Now, after years of life in urbanisation, in towns and cities, sprawling with high rise buildings, thousands of human beings, roads and infrastructure, offices and shops and houses made of mud and concrete, life seems to be unpleasant.

Every once in a while, for a few days between the busy year, we seek a place within the very area we left hundreds of years ago in the very pretext of ‘progress’. We thought living with good infrastructure could make us better. But life demands a cosmic connection and connection with nature.

Not some of us but many among us, wish to live in places with less human technology, more nature. We hear stories of company executives and wealthy investors or engineers retiring from the life they’ve lived, choosing to go back to living on a farm, living next to hectares of lands, waking up in a small cottage due to the sounds of chickens, looking all day after goats and lambs rather than machines and stocks.

There has to be some evolutionary phenomenon behind it. I fail to understand why many of us tend to desire a life in the mountains, near cliffs, in fields of wheat, barley and rice, and hundreds of meters above sea levels in the aesthetically pleasing company of monks and shaolins despite the technology, the infrastructure, the social media and vehicles,

We are animals, social and natural in as much. We seek society, we seek friendships, we find love from fellow brethren but the idea of social animal, to me has just become a clique, an explanation of all our desires. Yet it is far from it. At the end of the day, we are connected with the apes and Bonobos, with tigers and cats, with wolves and dogs and sharks and birds.


We are all connected, and we seek to return to them, to our fellow family members just like a little boy comes back to his mother after playing out all day.

Back to Eden, we seek peace and serenity.

If it is Possible, As Far As it Depends on You, Live at Peace With Everyone