The assumption that success is a product of good luck is a fallacy that should not be believed in this epoch as it lacks in both value and reality. Even the most propagate theory of talent being the easiest route to success is to a greater extent devoid of merit as it is a dogma that has left many languishing in utter poverty.


Most of the people that have nothing to show regarding talent and even luck have ended up resigning to fate and accepting mediocrity as their way of life. They have condemned themselves to the life of beggary even when they have the potential to override poverty and live in plenty within twilight.

They have looked at those who have excelled academically and considered them as role models of success. I am not saying it is not good to have a talent or even to be luck in life. I have literally no reason to underestimate the power of academic excellence as am also a graduate who has benefited from academic prowess. The bone of contention is that; Are these, the only avenues that lead to success? Not at all. Experience has proved the wisdom of self-discipline as the pillar of success.

The power of self-discipline in propelling people to success can never be doubted as most people that have made it big in life have used it as a fulcrum of their material possession.

The essence of self-discipline lies in its potential to make an individual realise that every human being is responsible for his or her own fate. Success is only available to those who seek for it diligently, and that persistence can defeat the odds.

Self-discipline has excellent potential to make anyone regardless of status a better leader, parent, teacher and even manager. It is also true that self-discipline can make you happier and healthier. Self-discipline has potential to repair even a broken marriage.

Try to discipline yourself and see how easy it will be for you to succeed.