We as God’s creation have but one common purpose in life. From the genesis of human existence, God made us in His own image and empowered us to represent him on this planet (earth). In serving him, some have done an excellent job while others have misrepresented the maker and this misrepresentation started with our original human parents in the Garden of Eden by failing to obey specific instruction that was given to them.

Although life has over time proven to be dynamic, the purpose of life for every human being has remained static since by nature the maker does not change. The ultimate goal of human existence is to provide leadership to the rest of God’s creation. Human nature requires to be reminded of his or her core business almost routinely if life has to be meaningful.

The seven principles high-lighted here are meant to enhance the inert leadership abilities that human beings are endowed with. Experience has shown that continuous learning is the only remedy to human lapses. Tedious as it may be, those who endure it are the ones the world parades as heroes and heroines that have proved that the odds are but surmountable impediments.

The principles presented can be applied in any order, and they are as follows;

Continuous Learning

Learning is a lifetime process, and those that want to make any difference in life must deliberately commit themselves to it. It is not how well one starts in life but rather how well one ends that always counts. I totally support the adage which states, “All is well only when the end is well.”


The beauty of committing oneself to continuous learning is that one’s faculty is greatly enhanced culminating into increased creativity. A learned individual opens up to new dears from all available sources and especially authentic ones. As leaders, it is our ultimate responsibility to motivate our subordinates to enhance their potential and do everything to the best of their abilities.


As leaders, our commitment to the cause of doing whatever we do to the best of our abilities should never be doubted. It is what we do that always matters most and not what we say. Leading by example is no doubt the best form of leadership. The leader’s passionate commitment to succeeding is naturally a great inspiration to the followers. They can always forget what you said but will never forget how you did it.


Setting a standard of quality and not quantity as a result of performance is a hallmark of great leadership. Although no one is encouraged to compete with others, every leader intends to always improve and be better than he was before. Motivate your subordinates to do better by rewarding those that are striving to improve.


The most indelible mark of a true leader is his capacity to be dependable, reliable and predictable. These attributes are only exhibited through consistency.


It must be appreciated that no form of leadership is a bed of roses. Leadership comes with its own impediments hence the need for the leaders to enhance potential to identify and isolate constraints or factors limiting any form of progress. It is the responsibility of a leader to remove identified obstacles to create a conducive environment for better performance.


Every leader is duty bound to spell out clearly and in simple terms his goals or better still vision for the subordinates to help him achieve them. He or she must clarify the values, and the mission as this will be the guiding factor for the followers.

Implementing the highlighted principles will undoubtedly enhance your chances of succeeding in your endeavour and help you to stand out in your 2019.

Wishing you all the best during the festival period.