Happy christmas to you all

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Dear friends, it is my wish and prayer that no one should mess up your christmas celebrations. The people in Hanoi Vietnam received ‘Christmas Bombing instead of Christmaspresents’ in December 1972 from the United States of America. Peace talks failed and the consequence was death of innocent souls and destruction of infrastructure.

The Christmas bombings of Hanoi

Conflict management skills are meant to make
parties to the conflict feel heard and respected in the process of negotiating
a mutually beneficial solution. It’s not meant to please everyone or removing
any disagreement. The goal is to make sure that any conflict remains productive
and professional.

Due to a failure to manage and resolve the conflict between the US and North Vietnam, President Richard Nixon ordered Operation Linebacker IIin December 1972. It is usually referred to as the Christmas Bombing of Hanoi on 18 December 1972.

The US dropped at…

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