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In the Bible, we find a fascinating story of Uzzah. God had given Moses specific instructions on how he wanted the holy Ark of the Covenant to be transported. Among others, they were not allowed to touch the sacred things, or they would die. The Ark of the Covenant was holy.

Ark of the Covenant

Imagine, “As the ark was being transported, the oxen pulling the cart stumbled, and a Levite named Uzzah took hold of the ark. God’s anger burned against Uzzah and He struck him down, and he died.” 2 Samuel 6:1-7 and 1 Chronicles 13:9-12.

How can a man trying to prevent the Holy Ark from falling be struck dead instantly? Was that fair?

Probably the question is, what were the instructions? Do not touch or you will die. Simple, isn’t?

In fact, according to Exodus 25:12-14 and Numbers 7:9 the Ark was not supposed to be…

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