Success Kunda

Being happy in life is not just a mere wish but a desire that everyone cherishes regardless of status in life. Those who struggle to make sure they have more they need only do so to sustain happiness.

Even those that have resigned and given up the fighting spirit to deal with poverty still dream of being happy some day. Experience has shown that happiness is neither hidden in abundance nor in lacking.

The evidence to this assertion lies in the fact that the people that have accumulated wealth and those have-nots expect to be extremely happy have not exhibited any happiness at all. If anything, the more they have,the more they seem to nurse the burden of looking for some more and ending up even more troubled than probably those that do not seem to have enough.

Accordingly, those who have lived in perpetual fear of what will happen if they lost whatever they had. They end up developing high blood pressure as they always occupy themselves with the concern of securing their possession as an additional task on top of their efforts to double their investments.

Worse still, those who do not have are not even expected to be happy as they seem to be pre-occupied with the dismayed feeling of being unfortunate. Usually, they blame those who have more than enough for not distributing the wealth equally and affording everyone a chance to be happy.While those who have to condemn those who do not have for being lazy and failing to work hard to earn their happiness.

The key to happiness to a greater extent does not lie  one has or does not have but in understanding that one is only truly happy when one convinces oneself that all the three parts of self-image coincide.

This has to do with the feeling that the way one sees oneself is precisely the same way one thinks others see him or her and that in reality that is actually how this individual really is. Being honest and realistic to oneself is the most significant foundation and the only cornerstone of true happiness. It can, therefore, be adduced that the worst impediment to happiness is a pretence. At any time you try to be who you are not, you are just stealing happiness from yourself. 

I challenge those who doubt this concept and claim probably that happiness lies in accumulating wealth, the only question I may ask is that, while it is true that money can buy good food, can it also buy appetite? The money we all know is capable of purchasing a King size comfortable bed but always doubt if it can buy sleep. If the highlighted deficiencies in power that money has, then it is fair to agree that wealthy cannot by happiness.

Understand yourself; let others accept you the way you are, and you’ll find yourself happy. This is because your self-image is made up of the way you see yourself, as this determines how you carry yourself to the outside world.

The second part of self-image is the ways you think others see you. If you feel others admire and respect you, that is reason enough to be happy.

Finally, the way people actually see and treat you. If they treat you with little or no respect, this may negatively affect yourself-image.